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AT&T Products that Deliver Superior Connectivity
and Reliability for Your Network

As a master agent working with AT&T, ACI sells and installs a range of telecommunications products that help businesses connect and communicate over a secure, reliable network. For voice or data, and the infrastructure that supports it all, you’ll find the telecom products you need for your growing business right here.


Improve your data security, privacy, and performance with the AT&T Virtual Private Network. AVPN keeps your network traffic off the public internet to protect it against cyberattacks, with endpoint-to-endpoint privacy. Productivity is improved thanks to lower latency for your applications and with bandwidth of up to 100Gps, your information flows with ultra-fast reliability.


A software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is the next generation of telecommunications. For organizations with multiple locations, it is affordable, cost-efficient, and easy to deploy. Its centralized control function enables user-defined routing policies for your company’s wide area network, plus scalability with a click. Your team will enjoy improved application performance with enhanced connectivity and security between multiple locations.


You have too much at stake to let your data get stuck in internet highway traffic. With AT&T Dedicated Internet, you get guaranteed internet speeds of up to 1Tbps. ADI delivers 99.95% service uptime as well, for greater reliability and security on the AT&T network. Hold video meetings, process payments, take online reservations, send and receive business-critical files without a hiccup.


AT&T Switched Ethernet and Switched Ethernet on Demand are answering the call of today’s dynamic businesses with a flexible, scalable, affordable connectivity solution. This innovative self-service networking solution enables you to quickly provision, scale up, and manage your network in near real-time. You can even expand it into another state to meet the changing needs of your business, all with on-demand convenience and simplicity.

Voice and Collaboration

Business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) offers tremendous flexibility and features you can’t get with traditional phone service—all with great sound quality and reliability over your AT&T internet connection. With BVoIP, you’ll save money, take your calling service anywhere, scale up easily  to add users, and manage calling features from an online dashboard. AT&T Office@Hand—a hosted voice solution—puts essential collaboration tools at your team’s fingertips. And, with an increasingly mobile workforce, we’ll help you deploy the best mobility solutions for your needs.


A network breach is very costly in terms of downtime, and in the case of ransomware, money. With more people working remotely, applications in the cloud, and cybercriminals continually seeking new ways to penetrate computing networks, cybersecurity should be top of mind for all business owners. ACI’s cybersecurity services, coupled with AT&T’s security products help safeguard your network, protect sensitive data, and maintain PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA compliance. We offer network assessments and remediation consulting, penetration testing, and security strategy roadmaps to mitigate risk and avoid costly breaches.

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